Congratulations on registering for Autism New Zealand’s Tilting the Seesaw for Teams

This two-day course is for Teams of family and professionals, working together to support autistic tamariki aged 5 – 12 years. Teams may include parents, caregivers, other family/whānau, primary school teachers, teacher aids, learning assistants, SENCOs, or RTLBs.

Tilting the Seesaw for Teams is a combination of strength-based, practical strategies to support the everyday inclusion of autistic children between the primary school and home settings. Ongoing follow-up is provided by local Outreach Coordinators to continue supporting participants.

Outcomes of this course:

  • A better understanding of autism
  • Learning how to use the tamariki’s strengths and interests to promote learning and communication
  • Learning how to implement consistent visual supports at home and at school
  • Learning how to implement stories for understanding at home and at school
  • Learning strategies for inclusion
  • Learning strategies for emotional regulation and reducing anxiety
  • Learning tools for challenging behaviour
  • Planning for success by creating an action plan and goals