Taking action

What can we do differently to make enough of a difference? Something has to change in the student’s learning environment for their experiences to change.

This is the time to put new learning into informed focussed and team led action.

Creating an action plan is a team effort and will have required that you first sit down and talk about the challenge ahead. 

Example taking action
Joes Teacher’s action plan
Self-awareness and feeling included

Action to be taken What might we see Resources needed Who
Think more about how Joe is included in groups – use his strengths more Joe taking part more in the group. Being in control of his own ‘job’. E.g. being the timekeeper of students doing their spelling

Writing out clearly for the group what role Joe is taking in the group

Talk to Joe about autism Joe being more aware of his own challenges and strengths Autism Toolkit
All about me
Look online
Initially done by family/whānau and followed up by SENCO
Talk to class about autism Class become more aware of neuro diversity Autism books Teacher, SENCO, RTLB family/whānau


You may use the table below to create your Action Plan, or if you have already created an Action Plan in a different format you may upload it here.